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2Show details for AccountantAccountant
1Show details for Accounting - Payroll SpecialistAccounting - Payroll Specialist
1Show details for Architect - Applications Architect - Applications
2Show details for Architect - InfrastructureArchitect - Infrastructure
3Show details for Business Systems AnalystBusiness Systems Analyst
1Show details for CAD/CATIACAD/CATIA
1Show details for Civil/Structural EngineerCivil/Structural Engineer
1Show details for Clerical/Admin/HRClerical/Admin/HR
3Show details for Construction CoordinatorConstruction Coordinator
1Show details for Content/Elearning DeveloperContent/Elearning Developer
1Show details for Database AdministratorDatabase Administrator
3Show details for DesktopDesktop
1Show details for DevOps EngineerDevOps Engineer
1Show details for Electrical EngineerElectrical Engineer
2Show details for Entry Level/InternEntry Level/Intern
1Show details for ETL DeveloperETL Developer
4Show details for Help DeskHelp Desk
1Show details for Human ResourcesHuman Resources
1Show details for Manager of TechnologyManager of Technology
2Show details for Mechanical EngineerMechanical Engineer
14Show details for Network Admin/EngineerNetwork Admin/Engineer
1Show details for Non-IT (Other)Non-IT (Other)
1Show details for Process EngineerProcess Engineer
1Show details for Product ManagerProduct Manager
3Show details for Program ManagerProgram Manager
1Show details for Project Manager - ITProject Manager - IT
1Show details for Project Manager - Scrum/CSMProject Manager - Scrum/CSM
1Show details for Sales/RecruitingSales/Recruiting
1Show details for SAPSAP
1Show details for Security AdministratorSecurity Administrator
1Show details for Security AnalystSecurity Analyst
1Show details for ServiceNowServiceNow
2Show details for Software Engineer Software Engineer
1Show details for Systems AdministratorSystems Administrator
1Show details for Systems AnalystSystems Analyst
1Show details for Tester - QA AnalystTester - QA Analyst
3Show details for WebWeb
1Show details for Web - Java/J2EEWeb - Java/J2EE



Calance is a global IT Services firm specializing in end-to-end solutions for Development, Managed Service,
Security, SAP, Project Control Integration and IT Staffing.Operating in the United States and India,
Calance helps clients bring their ideas and strategies to life through talent, technology and tenacity.

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Warning About Recruiting Scams

While we encourage you to apply for jobs at Calance, please beware of recruiting scams contacting individuals for job vacancies, asking for assessments and personal information. Please beware of emails from email id, which is NOT a legitimate Calance email address. Please be vigilant in confirming that official Calance emails include the email address domain. If in doubt, please visit the Calance website at and contact us if you have any concerns.

To spot scams, know that honest employers will never ask you to pay upfront fees for a job or for equipment. And they won’t ask you to pay them using cash, Zelle or PayPal. Anyone who does is a scammer. To avoid these scams, never give out personal information before doing some research. Contact the company, go to the company’s website. If you can’t confirm the job is real, it could be a scam.