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05/24/2022 Embedded Cyber Security Engineer Plano, TX
05/24/2022 Corporate Communications San Antonio, TX
05/23/2022 Data Scientist/ML Engineer Plano, TX
05/19/2022 Executive Admin Assistant (Bi-Lingual Japanes Plano, TX
05/19/2022 Body Weld Technician San Antonio, TX
05/18/2022 Senior Operational Risk Analyst Plano, TX
05/18/2022 Sr. Technology/Data Risk Analyst Plano, TX
05/18/2022 Contracts Administrator Plano, TX
05/18/2022 Accounting Analyst Plano, TX
05/18/2022 Technical Writer (Data Science) Plano, TX
05/12/2022 SOX Analyst (Internal Controls/Compliance) Plano, TX
05/10/2022 Enterprise Change Mgmt Consultant Plano, TX
05/09/2022 Sr. Security Architect Plano, TX
05/09/2022 Product Security Testing Software Engineer/De Plano, TX
05/09/2022 IAM ANALYST Plano, TX
05/09/2022 Data Center Network Engineer Plano, TX
05/09/2022 Project Lead/Jr. Project Mgr Plano, TX
05/09/2022 Operations Program Manager Plano, TX
05/07/2022 Scrum Master / Agile Coach Plano, TX
05/07/2022 Accuracy Technician San Antonio, TX
05/06/2022 Senior Devops Engineer - hybrid onsite/offsit Coppell, TX
05/05/2022 Jr. SAS/Credit Analyst Irving, TX
05/04/2022 Change Management Lead Plano, TX
05/02/2022 AUTOCAD Technician/2D Designer San Antonio, TX
05/02/2022 Data Scientist/Machine Learning Plano, TX
05/02/2022 Operations Systems Administrator Plano, TX
04/29/2022 Jr. Administrator(Accounting/Finance) Plano, TX
04/25/2022 Security Risk Analyst Plano, TX
04/20/2022 Sr. Project Manager (Scrum/Agile) Plano, TX
04/19/2022 Mobile Apps Security Engineer Plano, TX
04/19/2022 Embedded Security Testing Engineer Plano, TX
03/23/2022 PKI Developer (REMOTE) Plano, TX
03/14/2022 Business Systems Analyst (HealthCare) Plano, TX
03/14/2022 .NET Applications Developer Plano, TX
03/14/2022 SQL Developer Plano, TX
03/10/2022 Jr. Data Analyst Plano, TX
03/03/2022 Security Architect Plano, TX
03/03/2022 Sr. Software Developer/Engineer Plano, TX
03/03/2022 Software Developer Plano, TX
03/03/2022 Product Development Analyst Plano, TX
02/28/2022 InfoSec Encryption Analyst Plano, TX
02/28/2022 InfoSec Encryption Engineer Plano, TX
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Mission Viejo, CA ~ (800) 732-4680
Atlanta, GA ~ (888) 732-4680

Calance is a global IT Services firm specializing in end-to-end solutions for Development, Managed Service,
Security, SAP, Project Control Integration and IT Staffing.Operating in the United States and India,
Calance helps clients bring their ideas and strategies to life through talent, technology and tenacity.

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