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Job TitleSenior Software Engineer I Kafka Engineering - ID:37498
Start DateASAP
Job SkillsKafka, Kuberneties, Cloud experience is required
LocationWest Hollywood, CA (Remote)
Date Posted07/22/2021

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In the role of Senior Software Engineer I – Kafka Engineering, You will be responsible for the technical aspects of ensuring that our hybrid cloud Kafka infrastructure is used in effective and sustainable ways by hundreds of developers. This critical service powers all aspects of our business from the sale of tickets for the world’s largest live events to providing access into those events and more.

You will work closely with the Manager – Kafka Engineering, software development leadership, technical operations leadership, architecture, PMO and vendors from around the globe to deliver these services.


? Work with the Manager – Kafka Engineering to assess the needs of Software Engineering within the Kafka ecosystem
? Establish, communicate, and advocate best practices and design patterns related to Kafka consumption
? Build tools and libraries for use by software engineering teams to best leverage Kafka
? Consult with Development teams on design patterns, architecture, and coding practices
? Assess and size effort associated with work backlog and participate in grooming
? Advise and inform a program of work to mature the streams processing service offering
? Collaborate with other operations team to ensure highly available service and response respective to developer support
? Interview and participate in building a team to establish a center of excellence and expertise in streams processing
? Participate in regular planning cycles to align business priorities to programs of work within your organization
? Inform recommendations, including resourcing, of strategic projects to mature and improve the service
? Lead proofs of concepts, engineering, and implementation projects

? Strong knowledge of Java and the Kafka API’s and libraries
? Understanding of Kafka, Kafka Connect, KStreams and KSQL
? Strong understanding of Kafka broker, connect, and topic tuning and architectures
? Strong understanding of Linux fundamentals as related to Kafka performance
o Filesystem tuning and related kernel tuning and troubleshooting
o Storage hardware and trade-offs
o Network TCP stack tuning and troubleshooting
? Background Software Engineering at enterprise scale
? Expert developing software in 1 or more high level language
? Competent operating Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in large scale environments - ( runtime settings, JMX, troubleshooting, garbage collection, etc… )
? Passionate about data driven operations; building and leveraging observability with tools such as Prometheus and Grafana
? Knowledge and experience of containers and Kubernetes cluster
? Hands on experience delivering complex software in an enterprise environment
? Experience working in a remote team across multiple regions and time zones
? Comfortable working with structured Change and Incident Management

? Autonomous and proactive.
? Excellent communicator capable of consultative conversations with development teams
? Passionate about the value of broad scale streams processing
? Passionate about providing greater transparency to health and status of Ticketmaster systems
? Keenly empathetic to the day-to-day experience of software development teams
? Deeply concerned with the security and compliance implications of your services and solutions
? Capable of delivering and accepting empathetic, constructive criticism with reports, peers, leadership and stakeholders
? Conscious of the developers need for speed of delivery and the enterprise need for governance and cost management


Rock Solid Reliability – I earn the trust of clients, co-workers and fans; I set clear expectations; I deliver high quality work on time and on task; I take the time to do things right

Winning Teamwork – I collaborate with others; I share information openly; I listen and take time to empathise and understand where others are coming from; I show recognition and appreciation for the contributions of others

Act with Integrity – I am proud of the way I represent myself and the company to others; I act with good intentions; I have direct, honest conversations while creating a safe work environment for open dialogue; I represent information and data accurately and completely

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